Beijerinck Premie for Tessa

On March 3, Tessa received the Beijerinck Premie 2022 for her research on archaeal viruses. The Beijerinck Premie is awarded each year by the The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences to an early career researcher who performs excellent research in the field of Virology.

ERC grant to study archaeal viruses

Starting Grants | ERC: European Research Council

We are thrilled with the opportunity provided by the ERC starting grant that was awarded for our research on archaeal viruses. We will try to answer the question how archaeal viruses compete with each other for access to cellular resources. Thank you ERC! New job openings will follow this summer.

Tessa received the KNAW Early Career Award

Tessa has been awarded the Early Career Award by the KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences). The KNAW presents twelve of these awards to researchers at Dutch universities annually. The award is intended for young researchers with innovative, original research ideas.

Lab moved to Groningen

The lab recently moved to the University of Groningen (RUG) in the Netherlands, where we found an exiting new environment for our research on archaeal viruses at the Groningen Biomolecular Sciences & Biotechnology Institute. You can find us at the Linnaeusborg at the Zernike Campus.

Two new papers by the lab published

Two new papers of the lab were published this week:

Schwarzer S, Rodriguez-Franco M, Oksanen H.M., Quax T.E.F. (2021) Growth phase dependent cell shape of Haloarcula. Microorganisms.

And a review paper on how viruses use filamentous surface structures of bacteria and archaea was published in ‘Viruses’

Tittes C, Schwarzer S, Quax T.E.F. (2021) Viral hijack of filamentous surface structures in Archaea and Bacteria. Viruses.